Now I just make videos on Youtube and memes, aka TakDes on YT Retired modder who have spent few thousand hours making Full Invasion 2 and founder of FI2. I leave everything now to the new Development group and i wish their best into making the mod success so my efforts were not in vain

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Full Invasion 2 Future Development

Retired_Tak Blog 3 comments

Hello guys,

It has come to my attention that a new development group called Wave 53 Studios has started new development on what I have left from Full Invasion 2. The group is very promising and has alot of friendly members and some past members still remains in the group

I hereby grant full permission to Wave 53 Studios to continue to develop the mod as they wish especially TrotsTwats and Borridian. These guys will be the successors of my old mod Full Invasion 2 and they will continue to develop/modify the mod as they like. Those many hours of modding which I have spent into making Full Invasion 2 will not go in vain with these guys.

Full Invasion 2 Team Credits-

  • Tak - Main Developer/ Founder of the mod
  • Navy - Supervising Developer/ Community Manager/ Script helper/ Diplomat
  • Full Invasion founder- Arch3r
  • Script helper - Bad Idea, Huscarlton Banks
  • Modeler - Brian, Kelavis, Wojski PL, Kendor
  • CG Artists - 莱恩
  • Arthur - Main Mapper
  • Model helpers - Ache, watakushi- sama, Corprus, Dancert
  • Map helpers/ Sceners - Mitch, Siwi, MIKA, DOC
  • Community helper - Zerofighter, Robin
  • Various people from Chinese BnS forum as well as Talesworld Community and mod supporters. Janus for giving me a second chance. Various people I have talked to and helped. If I miss anyone please message me. I will be playing Blade and Soul and Kancolle if anyone is wondering what I'll do after.

I wish everyone have a great time and happy Christmas!

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