Hello! Iam Luka Preradović.Iam not a homosexual person.I love only PC games and mobile game.If they are in 3D.Also i hate Apple and all consoles except PC and Mobile phone.Also maybe i going to learn some things. I love only this two sports Airsoft and Paintball.Also if you want to talk with me then please contact me trought Skype.If you are Homosexual then please dont watch my profile or iam going to beat you up or worse kill you.Also I love only girls.And iam sometimes a very nice person but i love to talk.So people says that iam talking to muchs.And iam was for few seconds be on the national tv.Also my dad have Band hitchock. You can find on myspace.Also i have profile on myspace but i dont say name of profile.And i support only communism.But depends is leader a good person.And that he dont harm to his people!

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