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C&C 3: The Forgotten

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This mod's level design is absolutely horrendous. The level designer probably only wanted to make neat looking bases and forgot to make the levels actually playable. As such, you get base defense turrets everywhere, and since the Forgotten artillery unit can't outrange the advanced base defenses (brilliant design decision there!), pretty much the only way to win is massive unit spams. Also, the fact that the penultimate mission crashed at least half a dozen times during my playthrough certainly did not help.

The voice acting of this mod varies significantly in quality. I realize that I can't expect professional voice acting from a fan project, but some of the voice actors are good, while others, such as the Forgotten EVA, sound like they voiced their lines while half-asleep. The same goes for the soundtrack, which range from meh to ear-bleedingly awful.

Also, if you're looking for a satisfying campaign story, look elsewhere. All those background materials that the mod team released? Literally all of them were rendered irrelevant by the mod's ending: Trogan dies and the Forgotten go back to square one. What exactly were the developers thinking when they decided to end the mod this way? This ending is a textbook example of how NOT to end a story, as it renders all of the player's efforts pointless.


Red Alert 3 Paradox

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Xenoforce Reborn

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Tiberium Essence

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Probably one of the, if not THE best TW mod on this site. Excellent model and textures, the only flaw is probably some small oversights and lots of grammar mistakes.

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