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Blitzkrieg Mod

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This mod is what company of heroes should have been, apart from some of the bugs in this mod, hell what mod doesn't have a bug or 2, this mod team releases fixes very quickly if a serious bug does appear small bugs are stopped out when a major update comes along.
There are plenty of new toys for us with a craving for blowing stuff up can enjoy with out being bored, tanks that are destroyed stay on the field which adds a new strategy to the game, all weapons have realistic range/damage well as realistic as game-play wise and very balanced, the hold ground for infantry units is awesome finally your men don't mindlessly run after enemy units and end up in front of enemy MG fire.
The AI is also harder to beat which is awesome you can finally enjoy getting your *** handed to you on a sliver planter (not sarcasm)its great to have a challenge some say there AI builds no king tigers or call in the Jadgtiger well mine calls them in all the time, not just that the AI uses everything it has to kick me back to my base I swear the AI builds every unit it can possibly build, I have seen every unit (new/old) built by the AI at least ones, call in's as well the AI loves the air strikes and calliope barrages and for the Germans firestorm, sector artillery, nebel/hummel attacks.

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