A Source Level Designer with 5 years of experience, I'm good with Photoshop and i love Modding. Working on a Multimedia degree @ PCC.

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Graduated, Got job, attending college since last post.

Super busy with RL lately, Working on Project Haven (aka Sourceforts 2) in my free time.

Also trying to distance myself from the train wreck that SO2 will be, uhg.

However SF2/PH is coming alone nicely after some time in the abyss of nothingness.


Stubby Blog

Im almost finished we a map for mathew dryden's "Modular combat"Hopefully it will end up packaged in the newest version when it gets released :P

Since im a senior in high school ive recently begane working on figuring out what the hell im going to do with my life. uh, if your some big shot working for valve or something and looking at this...
Im a hard worker :P

My mod idea.

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I decided to stop after absolutely no interest was shown by anyone, people that i showed my design document said my design ideas were flawed. :/ sorry im going to to start working on a gay bar map for Situation outbreak. Im thinking im going to call the gay bar "The Penis Palace" Should have one of the saterday night fever dance floors.

A new mod

Stubby Blog

I've Recently began working on a making my own mod, It's a Vietnam War mod called NAM Warfare.

Its a Basic FPS with a few Twists and interesting game-modes.

I'm Starting with a simple idea and going to work to create a interesting and fun game to play, that will be filled with original game-play. Hopefully, I'll find a Coder and a modeler that will understand my vision and be interested in working with me.

If your reading this AND are a decent Coder OR Modeler, Please! Leave a comment and I'll send you a copy of the design document. You may love what you see.

-Ryan Gaston (Stubby)

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