Currently I'm the lead level designer on Black Mesa, which has won a few MODDB unreleased Mod of the Year awards, honourable mentions from 2008 - 2011 and FINALLY Mod of the Year 2012! I have worked on a few mods in the past, Birthstar Frontline, as a Level Designer, Dawn of the Dead as Lead Level Designer and Lazy Devs Mod. I have one award winning Counterstrike Source multiplayer map called cs_xmas, which placed 3rd in the 2008 Gameflood Competition, Judged by Adrian Finol of Valve and Scott Nagy of THQ. As of the 14th September 2012, Black Mesa has been released! Expect further updates to patch bugs, a steam release eventually, Black Mesa Deathmatch and of course XEN! Examples of my level design can be found in the gallery below. I will update it randomly with new bits and pieces when they are done. Currently I'm working as lead designer on Xen, with some sideline work on the Multiplayer component of Black Mesa.

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Causality Effect

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Excellent mod, I'm biased perhaps. If storylines make a game then this one has an excellent premise. To cap it all, it has multiple endings based on your gameplay choices, which is a tricky thing to setup.

All I can say is, try it.

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