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Blitzkrieg Mod

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So you liked the basic Company of Heroes, but would like to see more united on the field, more variety of vehicles and infantry squad? You’re so tired of seeing your Konigstiger damaged from any angle by the Sherman’s 75 mm gun in a unrealistic way? You are not convinced of the realism of the cover system?
Well, you’ve find the right mod!!!

I started playing the Blitzkrieg mod in 2009 with a friend of mine and in few words? We really enjoyed it!!!

This mod add to the game everything a history buff would appreciate:
-a lot of new infantry squad, like the Gebirgsjäger, Anti-Tank Squad, various US Airborne Squads (101st and 82nd divisions), the UK SAS Squad and various UK’ Airborne Squads (armed with Sten, Lee-Enfield rifles, Boys AT rifles, Vickers MGs,…);
-even more vehicles, like the newly introduced Elephant Heavy Tank Hunter, a lot of Sdkfz variants (mortars, heavy AT Guns, flamethrowers, AA guns,..), the invincible Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Hunter (when you call this piece of the German war machine… the game is over…), more variants of the Sherman tank and more US Tank Hunters;
-more emplace guns (.50 cal, 20 mm,…) and mobile AT gun (37 mm and 75 mm for the axis, 76 mm and 17 pounds for the allies) and little howitzers;
-more skins and camouflages in high quality for both infantry and vehicles;
-a more realistic and efficient infantry cover system: find a low wall, put your squad behind, block it and enjoy the show for a while! Ah you, in every faction, can build the trenches. Build two of them, put into a Mg squad with some rifles and a AT squad… Let the massacre begin!!!
This mod presents few weak points. First of all, the AI in skirmish may be sometimes very… dumb… in other times… Very challenging!!!
If you can canalize the AI advance over a bridge or in a ford, in the first time often the AI attacks with ignorance with MG mortar squads, using them like the normal infantry squads… but after a few minutes the things may become very interesting…

Conclusion? 10!!


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