So... how could I introduce myself. I'm 18 and I live in Hungary. I'm learning in a secondary school. I have registered here because I like mods (offical games become booring after some time). I love sci-fi, especially Star Wars, Star Trek Stargate and Babylon 5, so I love sci-fi games and mods too. Well, that's me - in a paragraph.

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Back again

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As you could see, recently I didn't have much time. I didn't have time to manage the ST fan group, nor to visit those mods regularly, which interest me. But as the title says, I am back, I'm going to have more free time from now on and I'm going to spend more time here.

So hello there! - again.

First post - Favourite mods

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So my first post.

Let's start at the most basic question? Why have I started writing a blog? I wanted to share my opinion about mods and such themes. This is the best way to do this. By the way IMO it isn't a real blog. I think it's rather a collection of articles, and that's, what I like in it.

I want to use this for writing reviews. Not frequently, but occasionally. My first post won't be a real review, but a short description of my favourite mods. So let's start.

My favourite mods

I couldn't grade them, I don't have favourite, and only the bests of the bests (for me OFC) can get into this list, so I will use alphabetical order.

Babylon 5: Conflicts of Loyality

A great babylon 5 mod for Nexus – The Jupiter incident. You will spend some enjoying hours playing it. The best choise (if not the only) for B5 fans.

Dune: Arrakian Wars

A Tiberium Wars mod, that aims to bring bavk Emperor: Battle for Dune on TW-s engine. Has great potential, IMO it will be great especially for Dune fans.

First Contact: Planetfall

An interesting Far Cry mod made by some students. They created an interesting alien flora and fauna, so this mod can be interesting for all sci-fi fans.

Galaxy at war

A Star Wars mod for Tiberium Wars. It has a lot of potential, hope we can play it soon. It’s sure that it will be among th best Star Wars mods.

StargateTC: Legacy

This is the sequel of the StargateTC for Half-Life 1. This is being developed for it’s successor, Half-Life 2. According to the articles it will be even better than its famous ancestor.

Stargate: The Enemy Within

A stargate mod for UT 3. The dev team is making incredible work. Just take a look at their beatiful pictures of Atlantis, and you will understand, what am I talking about. A must-try mod for all stargate fans.

Stargate: War Begins

This is a Nexus – The Jupiter Incident mod. The genre is Tactical Fleet Simulator, and it is based on Stargate. The mod is developed by Taurus Group. This is a fantastic mod for a fantastic game, compulsory for all stargate and Nexus fans.

Star Trek: Age of War

A Great Nexus – The Jupiter Incident mod based on Star Trek. Has some AI issues, but Darkshimmer is working on them. Compulsory for Trekkies.

Star Trek Enterprise – Temporal Cold War

An interesting Half-Life 2 mod based on Enterprise. The mod looks great so far, models are beautiful, the whole mod looks great. It is compulsory for not only Trekkies, but every sci-fi fans.

Tiberian Sun Rising

This mod turnes Tiberium wrath into Tiberian Sun, but with a beautiful graphic. It will be a TC, they will change everything from the menu to tiberium. As TS is my favourite C&C game, I will love it, but I think it will be interesting for non-TS fans too.

So, this was my first post. It was a bit long, but maybe somebody will read it.

May the Force be with you!

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