39 years, architectural visualizer, Programmer, IoT-Developer, former casus belli international lead and later modeler, former environmental lead @ project reality 2, microsoft-certified it-specialist, cisco certified network associate and passioned gamer.

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Since finding people willing to help while not having to ask them every month for progress i decided to start a project as a complete solo-project.

Sure, help is always appreciated but well... i m not running after anyone anymore.

Anyway, this is the project :


My experience

Staazvaind Blog

2006 - 2008 Close Combat, Teamlead, modeler, scripter (canceled for fusion with Casus Belli)
2008 - 2012 Casus Belli, int.Teamlead, later modeler (released)
2012 - 2013 Project Reality 2, modeler, later Env.Lead Artist (PR2 got canceled)

Other 3D experience:
2010 - 2012 Architectural Visualizer @ Krüger Animation
2012 - Now Architectural Visualizer as Freelancer

Spare time:
- My own project "Insidejob"
- My own community "Bangbus2Karkand"
- Prototyping ideas

- 3DsMax 2008 - 2014
- Sketchup
- 3DCoat
- AutoCad
- Photoshop
- Mudbox
- Cinema 4D
- CryEngine
- Vray

Recently learning:
- Unreal Engine 4
- Substance Designer
- Quixel Suite
- Blender

Other IT related:
- Microsoft Certified IT Specialist
- Cisco Certified Network Associate
- 5 Semester of Computer Science (University)
- 5 Semester of Mechanical Engineering - Product-development and Design (technical college)

- German
- English
- French
- Spanish

Languages i want to learn:

- Arabic
- Russian
- Chinese
- Japanese

Good Bye Project Reality 2

Staazvaind Blog

... this is a sad day for me but i had to make a hard descission by leaving project reality 2 as former env.lead artist.

i wish the project all the best and that it can have a future.

since a bit over one year i invested over 2000 hours in that project but it wasnt enough.
the changes i need to see happen are far away from being achievable and in order not to stop any progress i had to make this step to not end in endless discussions :(

i will bring my map "laskhar gha" to life, just not within the project.

regards, staazvaind

new colormap - new bushes

Staazvaind Blog

new left finger needed...

12hours of clicking mania...

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Screens of Laskhar Gha

Staazvaind Blog

Hi, i'm Staazvaind, environmental Lead @ Project Reality 2 and i dont want to bore you
with my ego, skills or why i even write here.

Actually it just looks too empty without any text here and every now and then
i might just randomly add a picture on what i am working in that moment.

I wont even do beautyshots or post freaking awesome renders with meshes
and the different textures... just plain a screenshot of a moment where i
thought: "well, i think it doesnt look bad, maybe a screentshot for as background
could be nice?"

Tho i'm going to start with this screenshot showing a path on my map Laskhar Gha,
where i just placed the trees a teammember made (Ghostdance) and as i m in this
case just the mapper - yes, i also do assets myself - i would say its fair to give him the
credits for it. I love his work, he is a very talented teammember !

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