This guy was an egg that plopped out of a chicken, and was picked up by a farmer. When the farmer got back home, he boxed the egg and sent it to the local shop in overtherainbow. When someone bought the eggs, he then took them back home. When he got home, he went to the toilet. when he got out, he saw his three year old son pulling a face at him, which was meant to say "LIKE A BOSS," but drastically failed. When he realised what he was holding, it was too late. There was his son, holding the egg. He spun around in circles and let centrifugal force do its work. The egg went flying out and - sadly - splatzzzzz into the wall, and wouldn't come off. (not because it slammed so hard, but merely because the splatzzzzz refused to come off) And that, is where the name splatzzzzz came from. THE END

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