This guy was an egg that plopped out of a chicken, and was picked up by a farmer. When the farmer got back home, he boxed the egg and sent it to the local shop in overtherainbow. When someone bought the eggs, he then took them back home. When he got home, he went to the toilet. when he got out, he saw his three year old son pulling a face at him, which was meant to say "LIKE A BOSS," but drastically failed. When he realised what he was holding, it was too late. There was his son, holding the egg. He spun around in circles and let centrifugal force do its work. The egg went flying out and - sadly - splatzzzzz into the wall, and wouldn't come off. (not because it slammed so hard, but merely because the splatzzzzz refused to come off) And that, is where the name splatzzzzz came from. THE END

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this game, just wow. there is a demo version that connects to the full game, which allows people to try it before they think about getting the full game which i suggest you DO. one of the best games on desura, HANDS DOWN. my 4th favourite game after gran turismo 3, gran turismo 4 and WRC 3, and it deserves it's place right here. in fact, the only reason i got desura was omegalodon, and everybody (nearly) got it from nerdcubed, a youtuber with now 636K subs. if there's nothing to do, PS2 is taken, no minecraft servers are up and PS3 is taken, the first thing that comes to my mind is omegalodon. it has the BEST music i have EVER heard in a video game. this deserves a full 10 rating, and north of earth have perfected this game. only downsides are less planes and weaponary, and you can't be omegalodon or a soldier in the demo version. £6.99 to me is TOO cheap for an amazing game like this. and i literally can't think of anything else to say. i also love how loose the controls of the boeing are, and (this is a spoiler) the hidden island with the huge jet. there is only ONE thing i do not like about the game - you can't re-bind the "chat" button.

my questions are: what are the two blue crystals, the mini volcanos and (another spoiler) the huge volcano on the othert hidden island for? and are you also planning an even bigger map/another map/singleplayer with AI (that may take a lot of coding, though)? and here is one thing i really want: buildings interaction. this means going inside buildings. and i also want the ability to change your player thingy (the guy that moves around).

i am really surprised that dan (nerdcubed) did not put this on his top 10 games of 2012. but i think that's due to "better" games (they're not) awesome ability to change your name, and it's not just your desura name. also the ability to re-bind your controls in-game so i don't have to keep coming out of the game to change something i am not comfortable with. overall, brilliant game by far. ******

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