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While I am still helping both the Occupation Source and World In Conflict Modern Warfare Mod 2/3 I am also now working independently on an ArmA 2 game mode called Warfare BE for my clan =SWF= (Spartan War Fighters). This edit of Warfare BE introduces over 150+ new weapons as well as new vehicles, once a fully stable version is produced with all the necessary mods I will upload it here to moddb. If you get a chance to play Warfare BE =SWF= Edition please feel free to let me know how I did, and keep in mind I am not an expert coder by any means, I am a novice who is learning, but I seem to catch on quickly, thanks again for taking the time to read this blog, and I look forward to releasing many new updates for Warfare BE =SWF= Edition with tons of new content.

=SWF= Spartan 0536

Mod Developing

Mod Developing

Spartan0536 Blog
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WIC : Modern Warfare Mod Team

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The Team that brought you Fun Mod, now developing Modern Warfare Mod 2. We intend to bring World in Conflict from the Cold War into the Modern Age. We...

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Ballistic Software

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Real-time bullet penetration, expansion, fragmentation and obliteration.


Hi, I found out about OccupationCS: Source and I still have some questions about some designs in that mod. Especially when it comes to ballistics.

I see that you were somewhat close to EnterpriseG in terms of ballistics and such. So I have some questions about them.

But maybe I should start from asking a not-so-easy question:
> What was your part in the ballistics system?

P.S. My questions towards other "Ballistic Software" members were:
1. Is it possible to either contact EnterpriseG about his work or he's absent forever? Well, he seems to be AWOL forever...
2. What's your status about O_CS and what you think was good/bad in terms of gameplay?
3. Is it possible to ask him about releasing src code or he will not share it? What you think?
I'd like you to answer them too, if you want.

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