Well....me....actually i'm not a that usual mod maker, because i'm don't now how to model or texture, make missions, and all that stuff...But why am i a (supposedly) valuable member of the team? Mainly two things: I make good trailers, and i'm an experienced video editor. And i have tons of ideas, sometimes even good ones...and i'm getting those from playing, so i can really make a difference when it comes down to the mod reproducing the feeling it's supposed to reproduce. I think that's all.... If i left out anything, tell me:)

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Hello everyone!

We have created a bunch of new opportunities for you guys to follow us!
Does it worth it? Of course!

As the moddb engine isn't the best one for posting small micro updates we have decided to take the smaller day-to-day updates on our progress to more fitting places. Of course you will get the smaller info on moddb in comments to our profile, but not all of it! So find us, and join/follow! And of course in our facebook group you'll have the opportunity to upload your own content!




SoulAssassino Blog 1 comment

Hi y'all!

Well, i'm happy with your opinions about the mod, and it's really cool to see all this support:)

I'm planning to release a new trailer as soon as we can provide you new content, because texturing these stuff is a long and hard work....

But as you can see in the summary and the gallery of the mod, we have a lot planned for our next release which is coming....well it's not my job to tell you when;)

A Stargate-ish Happy New Year!

SoulAssassino Blog

Hello everyone!

First i would like to say Happy New Year to you all!

The second thing is that the first public beta of Stargate:War Begins will be released on the 1st of January!

And i don't mean sometime afternoon or something, it will be uploaded just after midnight!

(According to central european time that is)

 After that let's hope the ModDB Staff will authorize the download as soon as possible, so you could jump into the Stargate Action!




SoulAssassino Blog

Well i'm glad that i wrote a post, andit somewhy didn't get posted.....

But it's cool, we still like moddb v4..okay, a littlebit...

The first Stargate:War Begins public beta is coming in january, and that's less than a month away....

Cool isn't it?

I hope you all going to enjoy it.:)

Oh, and one more thing....Moddb launched the Mod Of The Year awards, and we need your help too!

Vote for us!

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