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Sonic the Hedgehog grew up with his forest friends in the Green Hill Zone of the planet Mobius. Orphaned at an early age, Sonic fell in with a clan of rambunctious animal friends who taught him a variety of skills and tricks that you'll see him use in his video games today.

Johnny Lightfoot, a rabbit, showed Sonic how to outrun every creature in the forest, while Sally Acorn, a squirrel, taught Sonic how to jump incredible distances. A bluebird Flicky, influenced Sonic with his happy fearless approach to life: Joe Sushi, a walrus instructed Sonic on how to dive and swim, while a penguin, Tux, taught Sonic how to breathe underwater.

With the help of his many friends, Sonic developed cleverness, speed and a certain amount of "forest smarts."

Perhaps the most important lesson of all was from Chirps, a chicken, who inadvertently helped Sonic develop the Super Sonic Spin Attack. You see, as Chirps was learning to fly, he tumbled head over heels out of his nest. Sonic teased Chirps by imitating him as he tumbled. Soon Sonic had gathered so much speed from imitating Chirps' tumble that he became a blur of quills and fur.

Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic-super-#1-fan Blog

Sonic The Hedgehog:
A blue Mobian hedgehog who is the fastest in the universe born in Mobius on day 162, 3220 Sonic's full name is "Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog". He loves chili dogs. He's not the smartest but he's got plenty of heart. His only weakness is that sometimes he doesn't think before he goes into action. Sonic is the son of Jules and Bernie Hedgehog and is the nephew of Sir Charles the hedgehog. His parents, uncle, and dog were all roboticized by Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik but they all still have free will and a mind of their own. His best friends are Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echinda. He's also friends with the Freedom Fighters. In the Future year 3243 on Mobius, Sonic and Sally tied the knot and got married. The Kingdom of Acorn was currently under the rule of King Sonic and Queen Sally, who were married and had two children named Princess Sonia and Prince Manik.

Sonic Easter Egg

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Sonic the hedgehog game Easter Egg. SA2 battle Easter Eggs-turn on your game cube and enter the story mode on SA2B. You must have story mode scene select open for the hero side. Enter the scene select and scroll down to the "Egg Golem" scene. A cutscene will begin. Press the "A" button rapidly. In the beginning of the scene, a big door opens. When you repeatedly press "A", someone will jump down into the doorway. It's Big the cat.

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