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China Assault General (General Zhang Li Bo)
his Inferno cannon can use HE and DU Shells
Most of his vehicle can move fast through the battlefield
his MiG can be upgraded with long-range AT missle
Gain ECM from the start
His Missle-armed unit can be upgraded with EMP missles
Less tanks , uses more Troop crawlers (have many unique type of Crawlers)
ECM bullets upgrade , enables Red Guard , Gattling Tank , and Helix ability to Shutdown enemy's Vehicles if fire over and over, though reducing its fire rate by 50%
Tank Hunter can place AT mines instead of TNTs

USA Tactical General (General Martin Ironside)
Uses Tomahawk Storm as his Superweapon
Most of his units are long-range artilleries
Ranger gains HE grenades upgrades
Missle Defender can gain Javelin Upgrades to increase its Firepower, range, and accuracy
Comanches don't have AT missiles now. Only uses Rocketpod
Paladin Tank gets railgun upgrade
Raptors can gain Spy Drones
Hyper patriot missile system is now available
more to come....

GLA Deception General (General Muhmar Deathstrike)
Has a very similar Technology as Stealth General but , more deadly
Quad cannons , Radar vans , and RPG troopers are Stealthed
Quad cannons can shoot downs ballistic missle
Terrorist can gain Dirty bomb vest upgrade
Gain tunnel network from the start
Tunnel networks are unarmed and cheaper
Scud launchers can use SAM missles once upgraded
More to come......

Linchpin Author

ECM bullet , paladiin gets railgun upgrade and MiG can be upgraded with long-range AT missle part is almost done , just need to prepare the buttons and the cameos

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ah.. great job.. maybe we can add more upgrade or unique for each generals.. hmm.. for the cameos, maybe we can add from real photos, or if that tech is not real we can manipulate from "sotosop"..

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Linchpin Author

i've been trying to replace the cameos with the real pics , but still i don't know where to put them. And All these new generals are replacing Vanilla generals , make me easier to edit the INIZH files

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Linchpin Author

not all part have been done , currently i'm working on most of the china part

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oohhh.. i thing i must to open my old file for that cameos.. because i was made some cameos, but now i'm just doing in FX..

hmm.. try to open other unit cameo that already in game with photoshop and open that real photo too.. place that real photo on 2nd layer in that cameos.. and save as to other name with TGA format.. place that file to generals/art/textures..

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Linchpin Author

all right i'll try my best on cameos stuff

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