Yesh i like games and animes. I also played BF3, osu, BFBC2 Nexus, and some other multiplayer games

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So hello there, Welcome to my profile. Hope you enjoy your stay!
*Star wars Intro music kicks in*

So I am just an ordinary guy who likes to spent most of his free time on modding/gaming-related Activity. And this blog will mostly about the ordinary guy and His interests.
Mostly i mod stuffs related-CNC:ZH which I work on one of the mod there. And also i play some multiplayer games, like... BF3, osu!, BFBC2 Nexus, Minecraft, and Draw My Thing.

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Interests? So every one gotta have their own Interests right? Even cats have their own interests. You know fishes, yarns, and etc.
So here are something that i like/interested in:


Yes, FPS Games. The genre of game where you can almost as if feel the first-person experience of what's happening in the game. Some of the great FPS games i played so far are: BF3, Portal 2,
BF2 (along with some of the Mods), and many more.


2. Hatsune Miku

"Hatsune Miku (初音ミク?) is a singing synthesizer application with a humanoid persona, developed by Crypton Future Media. It uses Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 2 and Vocaloid 3 synthesizing technology."
Quoted from wikipedia, so all credits for the paragraph above belongs to

So yeah I kinda like her songs, which are good and catchy. Some of her songs that i like are: Yellow, Love is war, miku no shoushitsu, From Y to Y (A good mellow one), Tell your world, clock lock works, and there's plenty of good hatsune miku's songs you can check them out by yourself.


3.Anime and Manga

Yep, the Japanese-styled animation which is most probably well known around the globe. While Manga on the other hand is the japanese-styled comic books, which are really good aswell.
The reason why I like it is because it has it's own sense of uniqueness and delicacy to it. Well for the storyline and stuff it mostly depends on the taste buds of the individuals themselves. There's tons of different animes and mangas out there so hopefully you can find what you like and enjoy it.


7. Explosions
8. White tiger
9. Tazer
10. Cheese burger
11. Cake (No it's not a lie)
12. Good Terminator
13. Free money
14. Immortalilty
15. Matryoshka
16. katyusha
17. Russia
18. Puma
19. Photoshop
20. Flying cat with Miniguns
21. Flying cat with pancakes and miniguns
And the list goes on..

So I think that'll be enough for the blog. Until next time, see you later readers.
Oh and if you have any spare time, maybe you could visit my blog :D

*credit rolls in*
*playing Outro theme*

And credits to the owner of the stuffs i put in here. *insert MOAR legal stuffs here*

About Coding...

Linchpin Blog

As you might know I'm interested in ZH coding and modding. So far my best work is the Mobile deployment vehicles. As in this case, the "GLA Mobile Barrack"

Name: GLA Mobile Barrack
Price: $2500 (Still Considering it)
Faction: GLA (Vanilla)
Prerequisites: -GLA Palace

This vehicle is good for those of you who likes to expand their base quickly, and also a preferable vehicle that you want to bring in case you need to retreat from your base.

Here's the demonstration video

The vehicle it self is still in development, it have many potential if coded properly.

That is all for this blog :D

My counter-strike characteristic

Linchpin Blog 7 comments

Hello there!
Anyone still play Counter-Strike ?

Ok so i got bored and i wanna tell you about my counter-strike characteristic

As Counter-Terrorist

Nickname : Lycan
Skin : SAS
Primary Weapon : XM104 (if affordable) , M3 (if unaffordable buying XM104)
Sec. Weapon : Deagle (if affordable) , USP (if unaffordable buying Deagle)

Aggression type: Passive

As Terrorist

Nickname : Cobra
Skin : Militia (If possible) , Phoenix Connexion (If not possible with Militia)
Primary Weapon : AK47 (if affordable) , Galil (If unaffordable buying AK47)
Sec. Weapon : Deagle (if affordable) , Glock (if unaffordable buying Deagle)

Aggression Type: Semi-aggressive

Future Plan for da mod

Linchpin Blog 6 comments

China Assault General (General Zhang Li Bo)
his Inferno cannon can use HE and DU Shells
Most of his vehicle can move fast through the battlefield
his MiG can be upgraded with long-range AT missle
Gain ECM from the start
His Missle-armed unit can be upgraded with EMP missles
Less tanks , uses more Troop crawlers (have many unique type of Crawlers)
ECM bullets upgrade , enables Red Guard , Gattling Tank , and Helix ability to Shutdown enemy's Vehicles if fire over and over, though reducing its fire rate by 50%
Tank Hunter can place AT mines instead of TNTs

USA Tactical General (General Martin Ironside)
Uses Tomahawk Storm as his Superweapon
Most of his units are long-range artilleries
Ranger gains HE grenades upgrades
Missle Defender can gain Javelin Upgrades to increase its Firepower, range, and accuracy
Comanches don't have AT missiles now. Only uses Rocketpod
Paladin Tank gets railgun upgrade
Raptors can gain Spy Drones
Hyper patriot missile system is now available
more to come....

GLA Deception General (General Muhmar Deathstrike)
Has a very similar Technology as Stealth General but , more deadly
Quad cannons , Radar vans , and RPG troopers are Stealthed
Quad cannons can shoot downs ballistic missle
Terrorist can gain Dirty bomb vest upgrade
Gain tunnel network from the start
Tunnel networks are unarmed and cheaper
Scud launchers can use SAM missles once upgraded
More to come......

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