I like to draw, I like to mod, etc. If asked, I'm generally willing to send out any mod bits I haven't released... to certain extents, of course.

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Poorly optimized, crashes every once in a while, loading times are extreme, and the attempts at political humor are stale and detached. Otherwise, gameplay is pretty fun, graphics are really nice, and the branching story isn't terrible, at least when standing on it's own.



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The maps look great, but play horribly. At best, you can only hope to luck your way to success, for the first half at least. "Secret" paths that you must take to continue are not differentiated from their surroundings at all. In the second quarter of the game, the map becomes very circular. The fact that the first area like this also has respawning enemies that can't really be avoided and the player has nowhere near enough ammo to effectively find the correct path makes this even worse. Survival becomes a guessing game at this point. A similar issue exists the first time the Combine are met. A gunship appears, the player is likely barely armed at this point, due to the two Antlion Guard battles that JUST happened, and there are soldiers everywhere. The correct path in this area is hidden, and there is no safe path at all. On a side note, I fell through pieces of solid-looking areas at least twice. It actually takes more effort to make a piece of geometry intangible in hammer, so I find this rather astounding.


Mesa - Fallback

Mod review

I have to say, I loved returning to Black Mesa as a member of the HECU in this mod. It is plagued by a few glitches, and the models could have used some work, but overall it's very well made.


Black Mesa

Mod review

HMS Defiance 2

Mod review

The game is very well made, and the story is very good. The truth is peiced together as you go, although I felt the ending was rather disappointing.


Nightmare House 2

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This game was the most amazing source mod I have ever played. It has an immersive story that's revealed as you play, and great player-NPC interaction.


Life's End

Mod review
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