I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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I don't presume anyone is following this blog, but I'm documenting the past progress here, nonetheless. Mech Override is dead as a mod/machinima, but alive as a commercial project. I am trying to raise the money we need to start a development of the ful 90+ minute feature film. With the help of some friends I found really good people to join the development, and I have recently learned that it's perhaps more important to find a good producer then to have good artists, when you are about to start a development.

It's very hard to get anywhere with this project, but it would be easy to gather a team and start a worldwide development (so that studios can work continuously 24/7). We have the organisation and the story, we just need an investor...seems this is the hard part.

There are some investors in question, most notably Rotana,, a very big production group in the middle-east. I'd be happy to say they are interested, but that I can only say after the 16th of December when we sent them our production documents and a projection of sales and benefits from this project.

I'm really eager to finally get this over with. I have not much to add to the current script, which has been revised at least a dozen times (also with the help of native English speakers from Moddb). It's time for Mech Override to be made - we're ready, even though we are not a team any more, just a few people, who stick with the project.

While I'm waiting, I write another story, called "Plasticity", which has touches of the Matrix and Terminator, but can stand on its own. It's quite complex and I try to expand the knowledge gained from writing so many drafts of Mech Override and put this experience into the new script.

Waiting is a drag. Don't ever wait for things! Just go on doing what you do best and don't put all your money on one horse. If this works out - fine! I hope it will. However, if it doesn't, the only thing I will have wasted is the time I spend talking to interesting people. Not really a waste - the next project is always the best one :)

Take care and stay true to your dreams without repeating yourself over and over again!


Cool sounds interesting, good luck with both :)

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Actually if you need some help, I'm interested. Your project sounds fun and I have loads of spare time.

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