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I am the Dragoon

Simcardo Blog

you are not, but this.. this is ModDB

If theres one thing i know for sure you can find in this particular site, besides the mods, are the humans..

Shitkids especially. I wish you all goodluck, and be careful not to get triggered by the.. most foolish things or you'll get mobbeb. but well this is the internet, what do u do when you get mobbed in the internet? Yes.. try not to give a fuck.

Tho besides all this, who the fuck am I to give you humans instructions haha. Do whatever you, as humans want.

Theres actually something about my name there

Like certain ppl called me "arky", i wonder why not "arkys" instead.. haha

Get it? ArKYS

Yeh watever kys phagts

Now is some... Old Shit

Rigged to blow

Simcardo Blog 1 comment

Aside from how nothing really ever happens, recently my PC got quiet rekt with both problems with my windows and my powersupply, in the end my C:\ Drive had to be reformatted. yea i don't really store so much stuff on that drive but it of course contains windows, documents, some misc programs, and some few games that i somehow put in C:\ instead of any other hard drives (E:\ or D:\).
I don't remember much else but i know that i did put Battlefield 2 on C:\ and because that drive had to be reformatted, i lost it.

and thing is i don't have the disk anymore so i can't reinstall it and errh i used to have the installer on my external hard disk but.. lel it's kinda broken for some reason idk. so i guess for now no BF2 modding for me which i haven't done in a quiet long time anyway. fk my life.
damn i lost all my work hmm... okay ;_;

steam: simcardo777
origin: vagineer089 (yea i only have that bf3 that was free for smtimes)
Stuffed lap dog
yellow rubber duck

happy half step

Fastroping in BF2

Simcardo Blog 2 comments

there are so many people that say Fast Roping is really hardcoded and stuff.
What i'm thinking is giving the Pilot a weapon that fires a Grappling Hook (of course later the hook will be removed from the model) off the Door and then Passengers should jump out and grab the rope.
The Helo will have to hover still and when it moves too much the rope will go off (Doh.).

I'm gonna try to make it later but i don't know where to start from.
Btw i'm sure other people thought of this already.

Because it's basically like in this old Video this but (Hopefully) cleaner. <- Skip to 1:00 to see Fastropes

Aircraft skins

Simcardo Blog

Just got bored, so I decided to changed some Aircraft skins in Call of Duty 1 and 2.
Anyway, why bother? they are hard to see anyway.
but, I'm doing it anyway.

made some P51 skins for CoD2 and loads of B17, also both the Spitfire and P47D skins for CoD UO :)
pictures added in the gallery. Too bad i can't find a good spot to take a picture of the P51.

But I the B17 skins are pretty bad, somehow i don't know how to make the left and right side of the plane have different skins, and i could not simply do it using the hex editor.

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