I started working on level design with Unreal Tournament 2004 in 2007. I created custom levels for fast paced multiplayer matches using increased movement and physics. I ventured out into custom texturing with characters, modeling, and coding new weapons. I later took two years of Java, I can understand many other languages easily as well now. Though I tried working with many of the design fields, I preferred level design. I currently am currently working to expand my experience and to refine my skills. Though I may be artistic when it comes to level design, I am still very logical, and a strong problem solver. I enjoy working in a team with others, but also am a strong self motivator. Being a student developer can be difficult some times but it really comes down to prioritizing and time management. I am currently woking on Siege of Inaolia, you should give it a look!

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Goin on a rage moment right now, I've noticed that people are posting generic posts in the recruiting threads trying to either recruit or form a new team.

People, saying something along these lines is NOT going to grab people's attentions:

"I'm making a ________ type of game who wants to join?"

You need to inspire the people to join your cause.

Here is an example I will do for Siege:
"Night falls as the men of Whitefalls stand guard on the gate dividing the demon lands and human territory. It has been years since the last war between the demons and humans, who were drivent back beyond the mountains and sealed behind the gate. The winter chills the men to the bone as they huddle around a small fire. The night is still, as if the world was holding its breath. Suddenly the sound of a sharp "twang" rings out as a single arrow crosses the night and strikes one of the guards in the head, on the gate. A shout is heard to raise the alarm, a mass moves in the night as several bodies suddenly shift towards the gate. Cries ring out alerting others to the imposing force. The demons have returned! The siege has begun "

You don't even need the part that was above as long as you have something like the following:

In the game Siege of Inaolia the player is able to play as 3 different characters through a mideval 3rd person RPG in the war with the demons. The player is also able to play with up to 2 other players in a co-operative story mode and arena style game play. Focusing mainly on character development and story the player will become attached to their player giving them a special experience not normally found with games. We are currently looking for __________ to join our team to be part of something amazing. We are expecting the following skills:

Skill 1
Mad skills 2

Bonus stuff.

Paid? y/n

Contact info

Are you up to the challenge?

You need to grab people's attention and get them excited to work on your game!
Trust me it works!


Oh how Ive missed you xD

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ShiftedDesign Author

Lol did you notice I pretty much posted on atleast 4 peoples threads telling them this?

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I just did, fancy!

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