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Project Zomboid

Early access game review - 1 agree - 20 disagree

With Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Open JDK 7 installed, the game doesn't run. You get past the point where it asks for the Desura-key, then a frozen black window that you cannot close and are forced to shut down through System Monitor. Will give it a better score when the game actually runs. Note: There are newer versions on their forum, but they are not in Desura. This review will not change until it runs "out of the box" from Desura.


Cold War

Game review - 1 agree

I really liked the first Splinter Cell game, and this is basically a Splinter Cell clone (stay in the shadows, drag bodys, shoot rubber bullets etc. it's all the same). And rating the game today (2012), when the game was released in 2006 for Linux (2005 on Windows), gives a worse rating than it would get 6 years ago. The games resolution is low, does not support widescreen, and the "animated" cut-scenes look like a bad quality DVD-rip. Still, the story is entertaining enough, and graphics is better than most games for Linux (considering most games for Linux is pixel-art that looks like a game from the 80's).

I'd say the game is worth the money if you compare it to what else you get for Linux. So, if you are a Linux user: BUY THIS GAME, seriously, do it!


Oil Rush

Game review - 4 agree

One of the best games native for linux so far. Fully fledged 3D engine with good graphics and a very different gameplay than what I have played before. It is worth the money!

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