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I just got through playing a game that ive spent money for, and yes its my fault, and I cant stand to play it anymore. I know servers for any game lag here and there unless they are pretty much state of the art equipment. However people from all around the world play this game called Operation 7.

It is pretty much one of those free to play FPS's ( First Person Shooters) and its not too boring like Combat Arms, but if you like that game to each his own, but not too graphic intense like AVA. So it suits my PC pretty well. But back onto the servers, the server is station in California. Ok no big deal im just on the other coast. So I do not lag but others do and I cannot stand it! I go behind a wall and I get shot 3 seconds later. Or worse I do the same to them and they kick me. Not to mention the fact they added a damage patch because they are too lazy to fix the lag, and this just makes one shot kil l guns. The fact that the one shot kill guns make it a redundant fps to play because if you get shot in the foot you die. Now, thats too "realistic". I dont think you'll die from a foot shot anyways.

Its mostly the people from way outta the country, like Brazil or Japan. Yes I said Japan. Its not big deal im not racist its just the lag is too intense. Heck even Black Ops lags but this is quite stupidious. Is that a word? I doubt it, but the fact of the manner is if you want to see for yourself its from a company called Netgame and they host mutliple games, mostly RPG's.

This is a random rant and I just felt like having a blog on any topic. Lul.

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