I'm a major gamer, been playing games since about the age of five with the ever-classic DOOM and Quake, then started trying my hand at strategy games, simulation games, pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Not long after that I started thinking to myself "If only I could change this or that, make this game play more like *I* want it to". That's how I started learning about mods, trainers and cracks, though I didn't have enough skill to really put together a mod of my own until I decided to dust off my old favorite "Emperor: Battle for Dune" and give it a play-through. I started tinkering with files here and there and found that I could change a rather substantial amount of things to how I felt it should be and finished my "Ultimate Realism" mod for it. Before actually making a mod of my own I had been a storywriter, innovator, and resident guru for the Halo mod for Freelancer "Freelancer: Combat Evolved" as well as briefly helping design dynamic ship damage for "88 Flak".

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Hello! First of all let me say this: I really like the Ultimate Realism mod.I especially like how the turrets are an actual threat. I also like the thought you put into making it more true to the Duniverse.

I have run into a problem playing the Atr campaign, though (don´t know if it applies for the other 2). When I do the stronghold attacks (both Ordos and Hark), I´m stuck after destroying EVERYTHING on the map. A small number of enemy vehicles/troops keep spawning... Have you experienced this?

Also- I´m don´t know if this mod was made entirely with PvP/skirmish in mind, but I generally find it too easy (on hard dif.). Overwhelming the enemy is too easy. I mean- each mission really just comes down to clicking a lot. I´m wondering if not starting at 99000 credits would have been more fun (even though I like your argument that it would make more sense to do so).

All in all, thanks for the mod. It was a joy to take the old game for a spin with a twist. :)

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Hey, I'm just wondering if you can help me with setting up your ultimate realism mod for Emperor BFD. I am completely new to PC modding and would appreciate some guidance. If you can email me at blongtine@gmail.com I would be most grateful.

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ShadowKain666 Creator

The download should contain full installation directions. I attempted to make them as straightforward as possible, though some slight tweaking may be necessary for your personal system and installation path. I will give the documentation a look as soon as I can and get back to you. Please keep in mind that it has been several years since I created the mod, and several since I did anything at all with it. I hope, however, that you find the mod enjoyable despite it being somewhat unpolished.

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Its OK, I experimented a little and figured it out. One comment about it though. I feel that you may have made the Ordos popup turrets a bit too strong. I've played as them in skrimmish and only needed one on the medium difficulty setting against Atreides to protect each part of my base. All in all its a decent mod, just needs a small buffer and polish (sadly that won't happen) the only thing I really disliked about the game(even before the mod) was the color scheme in skrimmish.

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