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I here quote @Maiman on what he said about Metro 2033:
"Now don't get me wrong I liked the game, it was fun, had its moments and wasn't run and gun most of the time because the enemy had an almost Stalker ability to headshot you from across the entire metro in pitch black effects...

The part I didn't like was the story, it made no god damn sense!


I am your old friend hunter, oH GOD MUTANTS I be going after them now but if I don't come back inform someone Polis which is several stops away. Hunter didn't come back. Hop on train as they talk about stuff oh god mutants run run shoot gun ahahah votka kicks everyones ass, I am bourbon lets go out to the surface. Okay.. rarar demons are bitches... lets go down, oh god bandits don't worry I will go get my asas kicked and die, okay. I am khan KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. Lets go here, look ghosts everywhere don't touch them or you die, GHOST BUSTERS GHOST TRAIN SCENE.
These guys are screwed lets blow up their homes and escape by desecrating their memorial to the dead. Then we should go and head to commieville and get accused of being a fascist spy and have to run down a linear chase that you lose anyways but get saved by a creepy guy who puts you under a train car with a copy of the book metro 2033 and sends you to a warzone because that is smart where you have to either shoot or stealth your way through so you can reach naziland and get captured because no matter how stealthy you are they already know you are coming. Then they get all pissed and get stabbed by a guy who literally jumps into the air with a knife and stabs him midflight and takes you to battle a Panzer Tank... in a russian metro in year 2033? After that you go find a kid take him to a town, fight the nazis and stuff, go to Naziville and sneak through there to find a friend go escape epic shit and eventually reaching Polis... then you spend 5 minutes there before deciding to go on a suicide mission and the choice is yours marked on, either i brainwash you like I usually do or I treat you like a pro and send you on your way...

Oh yeah I forgot, you go to a library and fight gorillas before going underground and fight gelatinous blobs and the zerg overmind before returning to the surface to fight every god damn mutant in Russia before going up a tower which has poorly built stairs and ladders which break as you climb making it impossible for Artyom to climb down after the story condemning him to starve to death or die of radiation before A. nuking the shit out of an already nuked the shit out of city
B. hugging the alien you shot six times to the chest and telling him he will be okay and nobody is going to hurt him... after this...


What shit were they smoking, the story goes in every which way but straight!"

So... what do you think? :P

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