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Man, I just got into a bad situation...

I restarted the game after playing 70% with Redux and did something wrong somewhere. I don't know how it happened but I went to sleep from 23:00 to about 8:00 and when I woke up, the 2 bandits in the sleeping area of the ship suddenly started shooting me for no reason. Obviously I died because of the surprise.

I loaded the savegame and did the same again but got my gun out. Again they did the same but I managed to kill one and wound the other. I started chasing after him and shot him once more on the stairs. He shot me and suddenly 2 stalkers started to shoot from the back so I ran behind the engine thingy and killed them. I went back out and the bandit was leaving the ship along with 2 other stalkers. They all started shooting and I ducked behind the metal wall, I quickly sidestepped into the line of fire and killed all three with a few bursts of fire from my L85. I then went outside on top of the ship. Below, 2 stalkers engaged me and 6 bandits were approaching from afar. I killed the two stalkers and then started to engage the bandits who had just opened fire, luckily they were far away. I killed 2 of them and went around to the other side, where a little distance away, 3 zombies were walking past. I killed them too. Afterwards I went back to re-engage the bandits but couldn't see them. And then suddenly I died once more...


Cool story bro xD

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sgt.davis44 Author

Ive had better but that was in games like CoD and FarCry 2 which make it sorta uninteresting

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