Blah blah blah yackity schmakity. Seriously though......... I love the old school classics such as X-Com (UFO Defense) and the Command & Conquer series (minus C&C 4... yuck). I am a self taught (aren't we all) modder, you can learn anything with Google! Although I do most of my modding in PC games, I'm also familiar with softmodding Wiis. Basically I'm the guy who keeps his friends PCs up and running because they are usually too ignorant to troubleshoot their own tech problems, B Smith: "I dont get it, I've checked every connection and still I cannot get this F*****G game to work on my computer!!!!!" Me: "Dude, seriously, no matter how many times you double-click the shortcut, if the game is not in the CD Drive, its not going to play the game on your PC." B Smith: "Oh I see. But what the hell is my PC?" Me: "Aaarghhh........"


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