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Breaking The Rules

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This is a good fighting game. The controls are straightforward ( if you use the pad ), choosing the right attack at the right time and engaging the enemy at the right distance for the attack is vital. Changing your focus between enemies takes some practice and precise facing, but with the crossair you get easily used to it. If you find the right sequence with the four attack buttons the results in some nice combos taht can differ a lot among the 8 characters.
Blocking is not a good strategy to win a game (it only reduces stamina, with no damage), so it is better to have an "attack - only" tactic which is good for my fighting style.
The brawls with up to 8 fighters at one time are the most distinctive trait of the game. The online game is fun but it crashes too often.
If you look for a realistic fighting game with no fireballs or people that fly and with multiple opponents this is the game for you.
And at 5.99 it's well worth the price.

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