I make music. Most comfortable with ambient, but more than capable of producing other styles. Send me a message if you're interested in working with me.

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Shadow of Chernobyl anomaly sounds

Sclera Blog

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make a bunch of sound effects to replace the existing anomaly sounds in Shadow of Chernobyl (and I guess Clear Sky, by extension). Not because I think they're bad; However they are quite low quality, presumably to save disk space, and sound design has always been a minor interest of mine. So I've spent the entire day making sound effects, basically. I've made new sound effects for the gravity anomalies, electra, and witches jelly.

In other news, I've begun working on a music expansion for Clear Sky, so expect to see that within the following weeks.

Last but not least, I made an interface mod for SoC which I'll be uploading at some stage; initially it was just for myself, but I decided to work on something that could be released.

Current project: more music for Call of Pripyat

Sclera Blog

After struggling almost hopelessly to even get the tracks for the Stalker mod working, it's all done now and I've got my sights on writing about an hour of music for Call of Pripyat; and it's well underway.

The plan is something like this:

  • 15 minutes for Zaton daytime (done)
  • 5 minutes for Zaton nighttime
  • 15 minutes for Jupiter daytime
  • 5 minutes for Jupiter nighttime
  • 10 minutes for Pripyat daytime
  • 5 minutes for Pripyat nighttime

I already know that it's going to be less of a struggle to complete this. I've tested my Zaton music and it works flawlessly. Also, rather than adding new tracks (hence creating the need to modify the music ltx file extensively), the idea is to merge the original music in with my own, like so. This simplifies the process a lot; I encountered a lot of trouble with the original Stalker mod such that I spent as much time getting everything to even work as I did writing music.

Stay tuned for updates (probably).

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