Zeppelin Studio was founded in Vienna, Austria by a group of former classmates who wanted to apply their skills to the real world after winning several student game competitions. The company, in collaboration with German sound studio, leed:audio, is dedicated to delivering games that leverage cutting-edge technology, unique art and fun gameplay. Zeppelin’s first title, Schein, is an award-winning, puzzle platformer currently available on Steam.

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Posted in Project Management | Jan 29, 2013 | by Michael Benda

Post­po­n­ing the expec­ted release date is some­thing rather com­mon in the game indus­try. But while most of the game com­pa­nies stay quiet about the game’s pro­gress and the cause of the delay (pro­bably for good rea­son – crea­ting sus­pense, anti­ci­pa­tion and spe­cu­la­tive talk), we want you to be part of Schein’s deve­lop­ment. We want to show you our pro­gress, we want you to see the chan­ges, adapta­ti­ons and impro­ve­ments we make, and we want your feed­back.

In the last few Months we got more posi­tive and con­struc­tive feed­back than we ever hoped for. For this rea­son we think, you deserve to receive just as much feed­back in return. What are our plans, what will we change and why the hell does the release date get delayed?

release delay

So here’s the fact – we’re post­po­n­ing Schein’s release date from Q1 to Q2. The basic rea­son for this is that we want to deli­ver a high-quality pro­duct. Since we have the skills nee­ded to com­pete against the “big indie deve­l­o­pers” out there, we will do ever­y­thing necessary to create a game achie­ving this goal.
Exactly in time for New Years’ reso­lu­ti­ons, our team agreed on a num­ber of chan­ges to be made in Schein. These affect three parts of the game:

  1. New art style. As noted in the pre­vious blog entry, the mood and visu­als of the game are beco­m­ing more mature. Now, after the draf­ting pro­cess is over, this change requi­res a lot of work on our models, tex­tures and gra­phics.
    Fur­ther­more we recei­ved a big pile of com­ments about our cur­rent prot­ago­nist. After perusing the pros and cons we ack­now­ledged that his cur­rent looks don’t fit the newly desi­gned environ­ment. So again, we are in the midst of a huge improvement.
  2. Schein Engine. Deve­lo­ping an own base-program has its advan­ta­ges and disad­van­ta­ges. Inde­pen­dence and fle­xi­bi­lity surely are some of the for­mer. The lat­ter would mainly con­sist of us being responsi­ble for any bugs and failu­res. Releasing the Dev-Demo allo­wed us to receive feed­back not only for our game but for the engine as well. Right now we are impro­ving the pro­gram to smoothly sup­port as many PC con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons as possible.
  3. The Story. Since we got many enqui­ries about the back­ground story, we dou­bled our effort to slip in even more info into the final ver­sion of the game. During the game, lost arti­facts can be found, which speak of long for­got­ten tales.

These are the rea­sons that urge us to put even more work into the game, than was initi­ally plan­ned. We don’t merely want to meet your expec­ta­ti­ons, we want to exceed them — the­re­fore we’re sche­du­ling the release date to good ol’ Q2 2013.

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