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The Galactic Civil War

Early access game review - 1 disagree

Pros: Classic mechanics that function well, many visuals are decent for an indie game, seamless ground-to-space combat.

Cons: Horrible, horrible animations. UI is lackluster. Some models are poorly done. Weird background music during battles.

Fun to play for a few minutes at a time. Has a lot of potential, but has a long way to go.



Mod review

A massive amount of love has gone into this mod. We're not just talking effort, we're talking a love and passion for the era of The Old Republic and the MMO that depicts it. Custom character models, stunningly accurate maps, weapons based off of abilities in the game (complete with their in-game icons,) and authentic soundtrack from the MMO make this one heck of a mod. The ONLY reason it's not a 10/10 is because I could use more custom weapon models based off the game, as well as more heroes based off of SWTOR's classes. (Currently there are only the Trooper and Bounty Hunter, as far as I see.) What would break the scale is if the modder made the weapons SOUND like they do in the MMO. I would also love to see vehicle combat at some point in the future, but with the sheer depth of what's there already, that isn't needed for quite a while.

Looking forward to seeing what else comes from this modder! :D


Galactic Civil War II

Mod review - 3 agree

Excellent use of assets to create a pretty authentic TFA experience. The more authentic you can make this mod, the higher my rating will be.


Renegade X (UT3)

Mod review

A great remake of a defining game of my childhood. Super fun to play with changes only where the original game was lacking. Multiplayer is pretty intense and frustrating at times, but playing against bots is a very enjoyable experience for any skill level. Love it :)


Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare

Mod review

Jedi Knight Galaxies

Mod review - 2 agree

While it's still very much a WIP, it's current quality (Features, textures, mapping, modeling) combined with some of the awesome future plans in place make it the best mod for JKA I've ever seen.

Now if I could just find my Jedi Academy disks... :P


Star Wars Conquest

Mod review - 5 agree - 2 disagree

Unfortunately this mod is dead. And since I'm required to continue rambling to reach the minimum character mark I'm going to do that. This game was fun, but full of bugs, and then the development team abandoned it. Nothing else to say.


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Probably the best HL2 mod to date. Horrifying, yet the addiction factor and the urge to keep playing are definately there. All I can say, the game breaks the 4th wall at points. And when it does, prepare to lose every meal you've eaten for the past week.


First Strike

Mod review - 1 agree

A very well-built built mod, with some exceptions. A handful of the maps are horribly Imperial biased, and with singleplayer, the NPCs are far too accurate, even on the lowest difficulty setting. That being said, it looks, feels, and sounds great. Just wish that those balance issues weren't so.... unbalanced...

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