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SWC mod review.

RustyDog444 Blog

SWC (or Star Wars Conquest) is one of the most interesting mods I have played so far. It puts you in a Star Wars based Galaxy with all the familar planets in logical positions, for example Hoth isn't near Tatoinee.You can chose to fight for The Empire, The Rebel Alliance, or The Hutt Cartel. All of the weapons are blasters, lightsabers, the force, and much more. The names for the blasters are accurate and the accuracy and range is also correct. They also introduce other things like since you can't ride around on your horse in space, you buy a spaceship that you can upgrade to increase the amount of troops you can have, walk around in your ship, heal up in the medical bay, and more. SWC is a mod that a times I forget that I am playing a mod for Mount and Blade!

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