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Week 16, Hmmmm....
More time into the turrets/LP.
Time to consider outsourcing some of my meshes.
Like the nids to the nid modders.
It would allow me to gain more knowledge and different perspectives on modding since I have hit a barrier. It might also make the models available to the apocalypse mod faster.
with over 200 models in concept combined with a couple of hundred more mentioned in scribbling I has corresponded and my inability to be able to sgm stage it might be a way to be assured they are able to be used by the apocalypse mod.
I am quite sure that if I keep hitting that sgm barrier that the dawn of coalescence team and the apocalypse team couldn't keep up with the number of models I have spat out or will spit out in future. Also specialist skills in race based application of models would make them more unique.
If you have a list of modders and what races they like to mod. I am sure I could communicate with them and get the "concepts" models I have done game ready faster.
Whats your thoughts?

# Blood Angels

Librarian Dreadnought?

# Chaos

Tower of skulls?

Nurgle aligned terms?
Plague Ogryn?
Pallaquin riding plague marines?
Nurgle DP?
Plague tower?
Nurgle Plague Banner bearer?
Blight Drones?

Defiled imperial hab block?
Chaos hounds?
Aligned hounds?
Chaos demagogues?
Aligned Chaos demagogues?
Chaos Magus?
Aligned Magos?
Aligned Cultists?
Aligned Acolytes?
Cult Icon bearers?
Aligned Cult Icon bearers?
Aligned beastmen?
Imperial cars?
Blood slaughterer?
Juggernaught riding bezerkers?
Dreadclaw assault pod?
Chaos androids?

# Chaos Daemons

Blood skulls(Winged skulls)
Bloodletters - check
Khorne hounds - monkey?
blood crushers
Bloodletters on blood crushers
Bloodthirster - check

Demonettes - check
Mounted daemonettes on seekers
keeper of secrets - check

Plague bearers - check
daemon Plague rats
Pallaquins/beasts of nurgle
Mounted plague bearers on pallaquins
GUO - check

Blue horrors, Done I think.
Pink horrors. - check
screamers - check
Mounted pink horrors on screamers
Lord of change.

# Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Titan?

--Haemonculus renamed to ancient haemonculus?

Haemonculus laboratory produces these units below. with a hamonculus upgrade for the squad as leader.
Alternatley a second soul cage(Haemonculi cage) could be deployed to store the haemonculi pets. Where they are built. from.
ratling - done?
human - tortured slave
ork - Done, I think. :p
genestealer - Meshed up.
ogryn - Meshed.
Or at least that would be how I would diversify my 40k army with different miniatures, :)

Wrack ratling attempted.
I was thinking the formation could be an arc with the haemonculi leader as the point of origin.
Anyway there is a blurb in the zip i sent.

Wrack human could be the tortured slave squaded up, with the haemonculi as the point of origin in an arc formation again. On leashes.

Grotesque Genestealer. Mesh up. :p
Um in case you didn't know, short blurb in zip. :P
it would be good if an etheral leash would go between the stealer harness and the hamonculi hand. But we will see. :)
I am not sure if the stealer skin needs recolouring.

Grotesque ogryn is what I tried for,
Did I succeed, I dont know, but I tried to make it look overly dangerous and be able to scare the mortal alien scum into doing what you wanted them to do, either run or die. :p Blurb in zip. :)

Grotesque ork, I think.
There is a blurb in the zip as usual in case you like to read engrish. :p
double line formation that has the haemonculi at the rear of the formation.
Blurb in zip says more so you dont have to read so much here. :p

warp mounts? mutated warp beasts?


# Eldar


# Grey knights

GK Term. Brother captain?
GK Term. Apothecary?
GK Term. Librarian?

GK Power. Castellan?

# Grey knight ancients

Grand master?
Grey knights?

# Guard

deathstrike missile launcher
Atlas recovery tank?
Psyker battle squad?

# Marines


Landraider terminus ultra?
Like the pdf om the forum.
Well there is my rendition of one.
I am not over the moon about it, but with a good tex'ing it would serve the marines well.
How to get it into the game you ask?
Well thats easy, a second buildable machine cult. Taking all of the landraiders out of the current machine cult and giving it a terminator crux on the top of the machine cult. To symbolize 1st company vehicles.
Example tex provided to be able to be imported into the mesh. Or alternately it could be renamed and used with the old machine cult, the hexed into the machAdvcult.

Seige dreadnought?

# Necrons.

Sci-fi necrons? Ancient Necrons

Necron Lord Bronze?
Necron Lord Silver?
Necron Lord Gold?

Builder tomb spyder?

# Sisters

======On Hold======
Sister Famulous? Nunciate?
3 idle
3 die
3 Melee?
Melee Idle
2 Melee_take_damage
2 sync_death
======On Hold======

Sister Dialogus?
Frateris militia:
Cyber Dove?
Arvus Lightr?

# Tau

Remote sensor towers?

Tau titan from white dwarf?
Its a very, very slow process. :p

Tau Xv-101?
Tigershark variants?

# Tyranids

Mycetic spore opening?
Winged Hive tyrant?
Winged warriors?
Winged rippers?

Should I be sending the malenthrope and the Tervigon to the Nids mod, to see if it stimulates them into doing more models?
Also should I send the updated listening posts and meiotic spores to them and discussing with them the usage of aforementioned units.
Also they might be able to give me more feedback on my inabilities.
Or at the least make better versions of what I tried to do as they are the original creators. :)

# Xtra

# Turrets

My notes tell me, I have done.
6 Vis.
dark eldar:
aim vert/horiz,
5 idle
6 vis
same die
aim vert/horiz,
4 idle,
8 vis
1 die
Imperial guard
aim vert/horiz
1 idle
8 vis
2 die
no aim,
6 vis/idle combined
aim vert/horiz,
5 idle,
5 vis
1 die
aim vert/horiz
1 idle,
4 vis,
4 die
speshul mariners:
aim vert/horiz,
5 idle,
8 vis
aim vert/horiz,
3 idle,
8 vis
no die
8 die,
8 fire,
8 vis

# Resizing in skins

I found the smart way to resize in skin by using the bip01 then resizing the bone and everything else scales.

# Markers/Helpers

I would be assuming markers are skinned to weapons?
As that is why some weapons are bone converted.

# Preparing models

Have you found any issues with any of the prepared models I have sent so far?

# Burning back into the game.

I seem to have hit a wall with not being able to burn back into sgm for DOW and it is rather demoralizing with the PC I am going to purchase, needing to be delayed for a few weeks as the person I care for needing larger amounts of money to survive. :(
I am not giving up though. :p

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