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Week 14, Hmmmm....
Time to finish up the turrets.

# Blood Angels

Librarian Dreadnought?

# Chaos

Tower of skulls?

Nurgle aligned terms?
Plague Ogryn?
Pallaquin riding plague marines?
Nurgle DP?
Plague tower?
Nurgle Plague Banner bearer?
Blight Drones?

Defiled imperial hab block?
Chaos hounds?
Aligned hounds?
Chaos demagogues?
Aligned Chaos demagogues?
Chaos Magus?
Aligned Magos?
Aligned Cultists?
Aligned Acolytes?
Cult Icon bearers?
Aligned Cult Icon bearers?
Aligned beastmen?
Imperial cars?

Brass scorpion of khorne?
Blood slaughterer?
Juggernaught riding bezerkers?
Dreadclaw assault pod?
Chaos androids?

# Chaos Daemons

In the insanity of doing all listening posts up astronomically.
I had a sane thought about the daemons LP.
About using the lesser daemon statues as listening posts.
#1 Khorne LP. Bones included.
Used for the 1st tier of LP as a melee LP.
With the slash attack being used fro defense of the LP.
#2 Nurgle LP. Bones included.
with plague spray used as a defense from sword of the Plague bearer. Possibly along the ground to the target or through the air to the target?
#3 Slaneesh LP. Bones included.
using some magics of slaneesh for the defensive capacity of the LP.
with the animated pose I have her in for firing a pink lash could come out of her stomach area but slightly forward as it looks to me like she is building up energy in that location with her pose.
#4 Tzeentch LP, Bones included.
Using the fireballs that tzeentch has as magics coming out of the mouths of the horror.
Just some things a bit livelier then a burning spore chimney?

Alternately these could be buildings that spawn units with and the building has some defensive capacity?

Or the Greater daemon statues being used as spawn points for the daemon alignments.

Minion daemons
Lesser daemons
fast attack daemons
Mount daemons
Mounted daemons
Greater daemons

Blood skulls(Winged skulls)
Bloodletters - check
Khorne hounds - monkey?
blood crushers
Bloodletters on blood crushers
Bloodthirster - check

Demonettes - check
Mounted daemonettes on seekers
keeper of secrets - check

Plague bearers - check
daemon Plague rats
Pallaquins/beasts of nurgle
Mounted plague bearers on pallaquins
GUO - check

Blue horrors, Done I think.
Pink horrors. - check
screamers - check
Mounted pink horrors on screamers
Lord of change.

blood skulls?
There is a great image at the imperial palace where a winged skull is chasing down a cherub trying to get some object during the end of the horus heresy.
I found it in Codex Imperialis, but it is a bat with a skull head chasing down a cherub with a skull.

Blue horrors?
You have the mesh unanimated, it is the minions of tzeentch that are much smaller then the pink horrors or commonly known as horrors these days.
It would be about the quarter the size of a pink horror/horror.
It is a minion horror that was used in many editions and phased out in 4th I believe.
small as a nurgling hence the minion daemon status.
All melee. no magic casting. but i left the casting in there because it looks like a melee attack. :)
Icons provided
Lua resize?

They seems to obviously fit with slaneesh to me, as they are the only one that I can think of as having naked winged freaks that are daemons. They are used in the fantasy codex/army book and fit well into 40k.

daemon Plague rats?
They would be the fast attack choice for the nurgle. I cant remember where it comes from, but I remember seeing it several times through out the years and in different renditions. They are roughly the size of a hound, and as fast as them if some what chubbier.

Pleasurelings are small female shaped minions that are a babies size but the shape of a real adult woman. with a tail similar to the ones i sent in on the models.
I was just thinking i could rip and resize virtual valerie. :p

I am sending through a nurgling I have been working on for a while. It looks rough but it can handle the animation set of the grotz.
my first multi boned skin I got to work successfully, I can understand if you think its bad, as I dont think much of it. :p
but I had to share after a week of mainly turrets

# Dark Eldar

Turrets/Listening posts:
Tier 8? :p
Or would it be that because they are raiders they only get a small selection of upgrades as they raent interested in much else then getting prey for commoraugh.

Dark Eldar Titan? even if some what uncanny for the dark eldar as a raiding force. :)

I can generate a lot of vehicles. from VDR. finding more that have been generated in a similar way online.

One thing that I couldnt generate was troops. Until I read further into the Haemonculus.

It seems that every Haemonculus seems to have its favored prey for grotesques. So while taking a break from turrets to let the bleeding stop.
I mewled over the idea of multiple types of grotesques. One for each of the race types was my first inclination.
in precedence.
All with differing degrees of toughness.
no weapons because they are untrustworthy xenos. But the capacity for melee combat unarmed. :p

but there was an issue as more then one haemonculus would need to be deployed to have his grotesques under control and monitor their worthiness. This could be bypassed using multiple weaker haemonculus as training, under the study of the master haemonculus. Testing out their grotesques to gain the favor of the haemonculi ancient. Like inquisitors do under an inquisitor lord.
Having each of the grotesques squads upgradable with a haemonculus.

Another idea was to break them down into grotesques and wracks as listed in the 5th ed codex.

Hive mind issues can be gotten past with psycho-surgery. :p Rogue trader knowledge comes in handy. :p

Nids as they are known now seems insane to be using as wracks, but I am assured that there would be insane enough Haemonculi to go to such extremes to impress ancient haemonculi.
I am even sure there would be Haemonculi that would be insane enough to experiment on patriachs/broodlords.

My further dark eldar mumbling are based around mounts for the warriors. warp mounts? mutated warp beasts.
Like the dark elves use cold ones.
I have no particular mount design in mind. Other then either re-tex'd horses from the steel legion making it look more like a warp beast.
or some type of ether mount the shape of a cold one.

Harlequins yes......
It is apparent from the 5th ed dark eldar that these cherished wonders need to be included in the dark eldar as well as the eldar. At the moment I believe it is just code that needs to include the soulstorm harlequins.
Obviously I would be rambling on about using them like the eldar do in soulstorm legions, but I have rambled on about that enough before today. :p
Harlequin portal has been provided already to you. and I can send it again if necessary.
ramble, ramble, ramble, used as a superstructure like it was intended for the eldar so they are a mid to late game addition to the Eldanesh armies. :)

# Eldar


# Grey knights

GK Term. Brother captain?
GK Term. Apothecary?
GK Term. Librarian?

GK Power. Castellan?

# Grey knight ancients

Grand master?
Grey knights?

# Guard

deathstrike missile launcher
Atlas recovery tank?
Psyker battle squad?

# Marines

Landraider terminus ultra?
Seige dreadnought?

# Necrons.

Sci-fi necrons?

Necron Lord Bronze?
Necron Lord Silver?
Necron Lord Gold?

Builder tomb spyder?

# Pirates
## OrK
Freebooter Kaptain?
Mega Freebooters mob?
Freebooters Mob?
## Eldar
Elar Pirate caption upgrades
-Captain champion
-Captain Hero
-Captain Mighty hero
Eldar pirate squad?
## Squat
Squat Pirate Captain upgrades
-Captain champion
-Captain Hero
-Captain Mighty hero
Squat pirate squad?

# Sisters

======On Hold======
Sister Famulous? Nunciate?
3 idle
3 die
3 Melee?
Melee Idle
2 Melee_take_damage
2 sync_death
======On Hold======

Sister Dialogus?
Frateris militia:
Cyber Dove?
Arvus Lighter?

# Tau

Remote sensor towers?

Tau titan from white dwarf?
Its a very, very slow process. :p

Tau Xv-101?
Tigershark variants?

# Tyranids

Mycetic spore opening?
Winged Hive tyrant?
Winged warriors?
Winged rippers?

# Xtra

# Textures

Yep the bmp trick seemed to work by converting the dds dxt3 extracted tga into a bmp then back into a tga. Through Photoshop.
File export *,sgm was giving me trouble and wouldn't export. After doing the above trick it exported. still no WHM Model exporter yet. Damn it. :(

# Turrets

LoL, LoL, LoL... I am being lazy with these turrets and trying to directly merge the extra guns into the animations. :P Just like you can get away with characters. :p
But to my surprise it is loading in extra bones for the either vert/horiz bone. LoL. POS Max.
Do you know of a way to load in objects that are skinned and have the bone stay separate to the merge or not be merged?
I started off feeling very dumb and acting dumb and attaching the gunz to the horiz bone. To my surprise in certain turret animations they dont use the horiz bone but the vert bone. :p
Okay so I tried the vert bone, but not every turret has a vert bone and the eldar use the bright lance as their vert. :p
I thought I was smart by reskinning the merged guns, deleting the old bone. and it worked for some turrets. :p
... Then I thought I was smarter with other turrets by not deleting the imported bone and just adding the bone that was in the mesh to the skin, then re enveloping the skin. :p
Every turret animation set was surely created by different persons as they are all very different in structure... so different that I think the one person couldn't of worked on more then one turret.
I may stumble on a way, later on, but for now it is almost putting me in a mental health institute as everything else is going smooth and clean.
I wont lie and say this is as easy as doing animated characters, because it is more frustrating. at least with animated characters they stay the same and the merg works well. :p and when you do a character they usually have the same bone/object structure, not many different structures with missing animations in certain listening posts all with different names. LoL.
I am enjoying a "bitching" break from caving in the front of my skull on this CRT monitor. :P LoL, LoL, LoL... :p
It is a rather enticing challenge and as I learn more about all the turrets, I am sure they will pose new questions to me and make me go back over what I have already done and redo it. LoL. LoL. LoL... :p
LoL, LoL, LoL. I just found the dark eldar one and it is not aim vert but lp_ring wtf LoL. :p
LoL, I cant read the skin information of the guns after they are imported so I cant find the idle bones that make the guns move vertical in aim. :p
Chaos is stumping me as it only has vis animations. So it must be getting the animations from the marines somehow. LoL. :p I am not an OE master, but I would be assuming in OE that the chaos is calling on the marine turret horiz and vert aims and idles/vis/die. using the chaos vis mesh.
LoL Tau has two vert aims, one for the small guns and one for the big gunz. :p
Sisters I like as it was the easiest one. :P weapons 1 and 3 use the same barrel. :p This is fun, but slow. :p

I just need to get my head around the vis level. Whether or not like I did with the necrons, If I can only put in the objects which are needed.
what I am hoping is that it will use the animation sequences from the aims/idle with the correct objects in the vis level, so I can reduce the size of the vis anims.
Either that or get my head around how the vis animation section works.
LoL, Orks now have a 2nd vert aim as i needed to put one in for the shock attak gun.
I also needed to get funky with the skin so it didn't screw with the snotling loader.
I use the skin to work with the dark eldar destructors so the tubing didnt move with the guns. I dont think its perfect but it works. :p
I am going to have to find a way to do it with the marine turret and possible the chaos turret on the vert aim. :)
I have gone with the lazy vis way and put in what is needed in the vis level. It will probably blow up in my face if i ever get to burn sgms but i can merge in everything else if needed. :p
I need lots of tips around marker as that seems to also be one of my failing with getting models animated and in game.
Because I am still a noob I need to focus on important things like markers to be a better modeller.
Lol, It seems to be getting easier or I am royally screwing it up. :p
Most conflicts are easily resolved except this clone attached to the original as I need to re make the components of the mesh.
I borrowed the idea of the multiple vert bones for the guard so the new weapons didn't crash into the base object.
This $12.50 pc is sure earning its monies worth, :p

My notes tell me, I have done.
6 Vis.
dark eldar:
aim vert/horiz,
5 idle
6 vis
same die
aim vert/horiz,
4 idle,
8 vis
1 die
Imperial guard
aim vert/horiz
1 idle
8 vis
2 die
no aim,
6 vis/idle combined
aim vert/horiz,
5 idle,
5 vis
1 die
aim vert/horiz
1 idle,
4 vis,
4 die
speshul mariners:
aim vert/horiz,
5 idle,
8 vis
aim vert/horiz,
3 idle,
8 vis
no die
8 die,
8 fire,
8 vis

# crashing exporter.

bugger me if I know, I will just rebuild the meshes. :p

I thought it might of been clones attached to the original, but it doesn't let you do that.
It could be the button that makes objects unique. :p

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