Alex Ros is not a nickname, but a real one. I have a higher education diploma as a film director. And I've been practically working as a film editor for nearly 8 years. At the right moment since the summer of 2009 I'm working at the viral advertising agency ECHOVIRUSES mostly as a scriptwriter and copywriter, but sometimes I am also editing and making some special effects. As for game development since 2008 I am investing some time in modding and learning the details of the process of professional game development. I am one of the authors of the OLD GOOD STALKER MOD: CLEAR SKY and the only author of atmospheric addon DEPRESSIVE ZONE also for STALKER: CLEAR SKY. Generally I am interested in expansion of the gaming industry in the direction of the so called art-games and indie experimental games.

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The most scary monster is the one, which our imagination is giving birth to. There's no book, no movie, no game possible, that can scare us. Our subconciousness is the only source of fear. We rely on our five senses. And when one of them is amputated, we are creating a momentary crutch of our imagination. In most cases we truly manage to find the route to the toilet with an amputated vision in the dark house at the night time. While we're dealing with the horror genre and a horror games in particular, the most gifted with a talent are those developers, who would imperceptibly turn our imagery crutch into a treacherous serpent. The venom of fear would poison our subconciousness absolutely, while we would not even notice that. We begin to expect that something horrible awaits us. And most frightening moments are those, when we just expect something terrible to happen, but in truth nothing is really happening. Rustles and unexpected noises, shadows and dark corners are just rustles and unexpected noises, shadows and dark corners. But we hear something horrible is sneaking around, we see that something terrible is hiding right here. The more obscurity, hints and glimpses we would be facing on our investigational "route to the toilet", the more frightened we would become. On our knees, scared to death by ourselves, we are crawling around in search of some clues of what's happening, of what's happened right before our appearence here. Intriguing mystery of the story is whipping us shamelessly. Sealed at the bilge we continue to row, thirsty to know about our final destination point. And we are sincerely happy, when the bottom of the galley is starting to scrape the sand. But that's the moment, when the magic bursts like a bubble. We face our enemy. And there's nothing left to imagine. There is only a shimmering faceless lanky man in the black suit. Nothing's left to expect or investigate. Running around is all that remains. Environment does change, while we are running around like unstoppable rabbits and searching for notes instead of tasty carrots. And with no doubt environment is stunning, vast and placatory, open and gorgeous, enormously enhancing the sense of how defenceless, vulnerable, useless and lost we are here in the world of real wilderness. Environment is the only narrative of that story. Because there's no other worthy narrative. There's only a monotonous gameplay, not scary, not intriguing, just boring and simply annoying.

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