Roencia Game Creators provides free & purchasable assets for 2D game development. The community also reviews casual and Indie games and gives them professional treatment

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For the past year, I've been developing a resource package for Indie game developer's. My project is the The Indie Graphics Builder. For way less then the price you'd pay an artist to make graphics for your game, with IGB, you can create assets all by yourself royalty free.


1) Creating unique creations using thousands of pieces. There are creations kits for weapons, characters, hud's, planets, spaceships, icons, maps, and more. Video available to see this in action.

2) It's a non-game, non-software product coming to Steam. This requires me to write up a small application that people can run, but ultimately Steam will be the download service for all the resources.

3) Over 10,000 assets are ready for release on Steam soon after the kickstarter ends.

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Roencia Game Creators is a community for Indie Game Developers and specializes in making commercially free 2d assets. They also review & support casual...


Amazing system you have going there, now is this all 2D related or can the same application be used in 3D as well?

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