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I don't have a CS nor am making one, I just love playing Amnesia games.. I just want to get this out there.

I know lot of people might come across to a bug in the game and they just assume it really was a bug that they can't do nothing, so they stop playing, because they assume it was a bug and gives a low rating. You're not for certain that it really was bug, just because you come across to one, doesn't mean it's so. I have watch this guy play these Amnesia CS, he came across to bugs, so he restarted it and it wasn't bug.. Just like it happen to me, I came across to a bug, nothing to do, nowhere to go... So I restarted it and it didn't get bug and I was able to finish the game, it was a great game too, I was glad I was able to finish that game.. So don't assume something is bug and stop playing it, when it's actually could be a good game if you just restarted, don't restart the whole game, just start back little farther back.

So if you come across to a bug where you CAN'T do anything and nowhere to go, restart a little back, if it doesn't happen again then the game wasn't really bug but if it happens again, then the game really was bug.. Don't ask me what was it then, if it got bug then restarted it, it didn't get bug, don't ask me that because that's a mystery that I don't understand. But yes, when it's bug, don't assume it, give it another chance, if you don't, you could be sorry and miss out a game that could actually be a good game worth playing for.

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