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Oh good, I can finally get to post and blog about this. Firstly I am aware about Sega All Star Tennis and maybe I'll play to finish the game. Another words, I'm stating that Sega All Star Tennis was released before I released my UT2D-GreenHill map in 2008.

Sega All Star Racing was released in early 2010. Developed from Sumo Digital who is also known for Outrun. Maybe glad that I didn't play this game first? The game was too cartoony. So much like a cartoon that it didn't feel like it was from Sega. Thankfully, it was addressed in the following racer All Star Transformed, where the tracks look amazing. But anyways, All Star Racings looked like they hadn't cared and sometimes I wonder why. When my map got released, it was considered brizzare because of all the shooting and being mixed with Unreal Tournament 3. So sometimes I really wonder if Sumo Digital really cared in such a way that it wasn't from Sega. Maybe too much like Mario Kart but then to see how that went in terms of sales.

One of the missions, in my opinion, really brizzare missions from Sega All Star Racing:

It's brizzare because you are forced to play this mission to complete the game and it's has scenes were the characters have to hit characters, many of them from Sonic games. Not really appealing characters also. I would see why the characters are in the game because their original game is very good after looking them up.

Sometimes, I wonder if my work influenced them to make something like that. I played Sega All-Star Transformed first before the first All Star Racing and the design and graphics in that game feel extremely like a Sega game in Transformed. I couldn't get off the game actually, it was that good. Worth saying that as much as I felt like I missed out during the 90s, playing All Star Transformed didn't feel like I've missed out and maybe felt forfilling.

Also I'm aware about Sonic Team Racing. All the best for that game. I'm sure it's another game players wants. Maybe I want that also. Transformed was extremely hard in my opinion. Also I've noticed that Sumo Digital and/or Sega maybe don't want the idea that the racing games have sequels. All-Star Racing, All Star Racing Transformed and Team Racing clearly are all different games in their own right.

Compiling my ideas

Compiling my ideas

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