I used to play mods when I was rather young. Problem was, I didn't know what an IE was for Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge. After a few years of not playing mods (because I didn't know what a virus was until it was too late), I decided to go look for something to actually spice up the gameplay and well...I found a few. ModDB is the best place to acquire a mod that interests you, considering the fact that they actually give a shit about checking to see if files are infected or not. Current mods I have: Mental Omega 3.0 (currently uninstalled to make sure no issues occur with Mental Omega 2.0), Rise of the Reds (Generals: Zero Hour mod), Shockwave Mod (Generals: Zero Hour mod), ->Star Wars: Republic at War (Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption mod), Tiberium Essence (Tiberium Wars mod), Twisted Insurrection (Tiberian Sun/Firestorm Mod[?])

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Welcome, Team Fortress 2 players, to Merasmus 'n Friends Manor! I give you a terrible and horrifying hello as fast as possible since Soldier has escaped from his kennel (again). Will this year contain all three of us as the Trio of Terror or will the Magician Council (Valve) think up a much more dangerous event?

FOUND OUT NEXT WEEK! Oh, and before I go, do NOT feed Soldier when you see him. Actually, DO feed him. In fact, while you're at it, take him home. I will even provide you a pile of papers for him to use at YOUR home.

My first SFM video.

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