I’m a Native Gamer with a brain stem injury and quadriplegia. My goal is to help other gamers with disabilities by sharing my own experiences as a gamer with a disability. My disabilities cause my body to tense up more than usual, so I can only play with my fist and arms using the controller.

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It started with a relatable situation of being a teenager in high school and dealing with all the drama that goes with it. The game is episodic and each episode is another chapter in the characters in life. In the beginning part of the game the character experiences a traumatic event that causes them to develop a supernatural ability to manipulate time. The gameplay was like playing an old school adventure game in a more modernized setting, and by interacting with the environment the player could alter the storyline. There's an episode I'm not too fond of, it places the character in the position where they had to decide if they should let their friend live with a disability or die to spare the family from caring for her. I personally enjoyed the rewind feature, that way I could see the outcome of each decision I made without penalty. The stunning graphics and storyline mixed with a phenomenal soundtrack brought to life an incredible universe.

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