In real life, I use AutoCad to design granite & marble furniture products. In the summer of 2005 I stumbled into taking over my favorite Q3 mod (Western Quake 3) when development by the original team ceased & the website was about to expire. This game is a team effort built on a foundation created by Iron Claw Interactive. Several coders, level designers & a website developer from all over the world joined my efforts. (The team members hail from Germany, Norway, France, USA, & are all great guys!) I managed to learn level design so that I could be useful beyond the scope of a public relations person & I picked up a few other game related skills along the way. After several years of making improvements to WQ3, we released a Stand Alone version known as "Smokin' Guns" on January 1st 2009. Development continues & a very meaty version 1.1 should be available soon.

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I thought I should post this so that folks will not send me private messages about Smokin' Guns.
By my own choice, I am retired from SG development & no longer a reliable source of information for this game. Please get your current information from

Best wishes to the awesome Smokin' Guns dev team. Truly a great bunch of folks. :)

Version 1.1 coming soon!

ReD_NeCKersoN Blog 1 comment

We are currently testing beta version 1.1b3 which is a substantial upgrade from 1.0 that we released early in 2009. Backporting the game engine to IoQ3 turned out great & even some special new features were added by our talented coders. If you'd like to help test, you can find the files right here on MoDDB. We hope to release an official version 1.1 in the very near future.

Yet another delay...

ReD_NeCKersoN Blog

The website is down due to internal issues folks. Great. This is all we need 2 weeks before the planned release of the Stand Alone. I'll post here again when I have more info, but I think the time has come to stretch somebody's neck & move on.

EDIT: Website issues are HOPEFULLY over. Stand-alone target release date is 12/31/08
Make sure yer fully loaded if you see me on the servers. I know I will be.

News Update for February 2008

ReD_NeCKersoN Blog

We have a fresh news update up over at for your viewing pleasure. The news page is updated monthly to keep you informed of our progress towards the eventual Stand-Alone project. Keep an eye on us & don't hesitate to join our forum. Many helpful community members there. Big thanks to moddb for hosting such high quality videos. Beats the pants off of youtube!

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