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Breaking The Rules

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Graphics are OK.
Obviously Doesn't pretend to be Crysis-like but looks like a mid-2000 game.
( first games of next-gen if you get the idea ).
The controlls are a little bit hard, but the artificial inteligence is very smart.
But the great part of the game is physics.
Ragdoll physics of this game is incredible.
It's even better than big name studios titles that usually use it only for ko's.
Here ragdolls are always present in the fight and thanks to them you can feel every hit as little bit different from the other.
Also, the part i like most is that you can fight in brawls up to 8 fighters against cpu or with 3 friends. If you have a pad and have 3 friends with a pad ( even if 2 of them could play with keyboard but is a little bit tricky ) this game is a must.

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