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Zombie Emergence Announced!

Zombie Emergence 16 comments

Zombie Emergence is a single player zombie mod for Half-Life 2 using SMOD as a base. So expect extreme gore, incredible weapons, high damage, fast paced...

Personally, I think I have too much bloom. Maybe that's the trouble with me

Personally, I think I have too much bloom. Maybe that's the trouble with me

Hidden Source 1 comment

Ahha, a progress report! While I do not exactly bring the best of news, in that this is not going to give you a date for our next release, it should at...

Bad news, linux server

Hidden Source

News from the front - I've been struggling with this linux server all day now, cheers to Raider for the shell account, but sadly it was not a memory...

Updated Changelog

Hidden Source 1 comment

Updated Changelog Taster -> Beta 1 : Bug fixes - Fixed spawning inside other players Fixed multiple hiddens created when dead marine disconnects Altered...

RSS Feed

Hidden Source

Hello there! Just popped up to notify you Hidden fans of a small update to the website. We now have an RSS feed, so you can bookmark it into your favourite...

Big Media Update

Hidden Source 2 comments

And lo, the clamouring of the community for marine renders has been answered! What we've got here my friends is a prime example of alabama blacksnake...

Next Release Details

Hidden Source 1 comment

Here is rough glance of what you will see in the next release. Expect a new marine class, incorporating some of the suggestions given by you lot Don't...

Hidden Source in PC Gamer!

Hidden Source

Yet another press appearance - hitting store shelves today (subscribers will probably have recieved their copies by now!). The Hidden : Source makes a...

Hidden site update

Hidden Source

We have had a big update to the website, giving it a fresh look, and some more media and some videos to feast your eyes on. We are also making good progress...

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