I'm recruiting talented mappers, coders, and artists for the OpenIQ project.

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I'm recruiting volunteers to create an Open Source Quake1 (single & multi-play) alternative. Here are the main bullet points:

*Full Replacement Content
* Male & Female player models (no pornographic models please)
*The original Hammer
* A new full Single-Player Episode (8 levels)
* 10 new Multi-player levels
* An End-Boss for every episode (4 new bosses)
* Play as monster (single & multiplay)

Go to www.IconicIdea.com to register for the project, the site has forums and chat. There are still items being debated, such as the engine that will be used. Feel free to add input, or opinions. No one will be turned away who genuinely wants to be a part of this.

This project will have complete replacement content except for the original Quake levels which have been released to GPL. There can be NO derivative works of the original content. This means you cannot use the previous models, sounds, textures, animation, or AI as a template - we have to create our own. If you add copyrighted or derivative works, it will be deleted. This is an Open Source Project and as such needs to be free of such things.

We want the Hammer created as originally advertised by Id Software. The earliest information releases described "Quake" as a Thor-like character wielding a giant hammer, who knocks away enemies by throwing the hammer -complete with real-time inverse kinematics. This shouldn't be confused with the hammer that was provided in Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon. We want a full blown "Thor-Hammer" that can be thrown - and returns to you. This weapon should be effective but not Godly, it cannot return "clipping" through a walls, if it hits a wall the player must retrieve it.

The original levels will, of course, be used (as they've been released to GPL) - We'd like to have a completely new episode (8 levels) built into Single-Play (Aztec style?) and 10 new levels for Multiplay.

We want 4 (Single-Play) "Bosses" created, one for each episode (except the 1rst which already has a boss) with the difficulty increasing incrementally when facing each Boss.

Options to play as a Monster in single play and multiplay. For instance, the option to play a fiend, that can pick up armor, but no weapons, or an ogre that picks up armor and grenades but nothing else - etc. Or even muliplayer games pitting factions of monsters against the others.

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