Hello dear, dear visitor! I'm a modeler and gameplay designer (together with BlasTech) of the upcoming Jedi Academy mod titled "Jedi Knight Galaxies". I'll be using this profile mainly to post some updates and keep track of our JKG page to answer your questions. If you have a specific question feel free to PM me... ;) Aside from modding, I live in Toronto (after having moved from Belgium) and I'm in a melodic death/black metal band. RIP Michael Garcia, Knight 5.

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Graspop Metal Meeting

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Graspop Metal Meeting - 15th anniversary

(Un)holy shit! GMM was a blast this year! Something I should have expected with bands like Mötorhead, Soulfly, Slayer, Kiss, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Killswitch Enagage and last but not least Slash comin' over for 3 days of moshpits, booze and heavy metal, but the finals left me somewhat wasted, more than GMM did.

Sunday was, imho, a special day. Aside from Behemoth owning as usual (at one point during "Ov the Fire and the Void" a woman corwd-surfed past me and I was so captivated by Behmoth that I thought they were going to sacrifice a virgin to Nergal... lol) and Hatebreed sucking d*ck as usual (go ahead and hate!), Amon Amarth was truly epic... in a special way...

To quote Johan Hegg, ( the frontman)

Johan wrote: It was a fucking magical evening people!!

Kinda... during a song (I think it was "Live for the Kill" I don't remember, I was kinda drunk, lol)
the speakers lost power all of a sudden, and mr. Hegg had to entertain us. In fact, he did it so well that after the 5 minutes of clapping, meloik waves and singing the rest of the song ourselves (to entertain the band... "We've been singing for an hour, now it's time for you to sing to us!") the *entire* crowd was still present, even though Kiss was playing outside. The moment the speakers gained power and a bright light descended on the crowd, I looked behind me and saw a sea of horns...

Good job Amon Amarth and Johan Hegg in particular!


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