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Codename: Outbreak

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I have been thinking to myself. Is Codename: Outbreak ready? What engine will it be build on? Why that engine? Storyline? Gameplay? Graphic-wise? What about features? What kind of positions do I require for the team?  Do I know what makes Outbreak different from other mod? Why would anyone want to play my mod?

I believed Codename: Outbreak is ready to be announced to public after several weeks of concepts and planning. I've been asking so many questions to myself lately. The mod will be utilizing Source Engine because of it Havok Physic engine, flexibility, and the fact that about almost any computers can play on Source Engine, not requiring a high-end performance computer. A great mod must be able to be enjoy by many players from both side of computer performance while keeping the graphic and gameplay as fun as possible. Seriously, who would want to be $1000-$5000 USD alone just for a single mod or game? I know I wouldn't.

The storyline is somewhat like every other sci-fi FPS out there. Something bad happened, you got your ass in the situation when you're not supposed to be, objectives must be accomplish,  and so on. There are many Half Life 2 singleplayer mods with storylines out there that's related to Black Mesa, City 17 or other City , or a remake of Half Life 1 popular singleplayer mods such as Opposing Force and Blueshift.  Codename: Outbreak won't be like that. It goal is to aim for originality in storyline.

Features in Codename: Outbreak will be limited, since we haven't gotten any programmers yet. Features include new weapons, sounds, monsters, characters, HDR maps, parallax & refraction occlusion shader, and so on. The second goal of Outbreak is to attempts to make map with realism atmosphere so the player would feel like they are actually in the game. Gameplay is the top priority in the mod.

Now, Codename: Outbreak won't require a large team. Maybe two mappers, one skinner, animator, two modellers, voice actor, sound technician, concept & texture artists. That's a total of 10 members. Less if the members has multiple of experiences in each of the skills.

Why should people play this mod? Codename: Outbreak provides a whole new storyline that's based in the Half Life 2 universe. A whole new levels with puzzles that will test your mind and a battle that will pump up your adrenaline. Outbreak aimed to be one of the original mod- not another Black Mesa, City 17, or the aftermath. Provides new weapons at your arsensal to be use against the new monsters that are waiting to hunts you down.

The Big Textures Set 1

Prototstar Blog



The Big Textures Set 1 is now prematurely released! Most textures contain specularmap and normalmap. Inspired by Doom 3 textures. This is NOT a full release!

The Big Textures Set

The Big Textures Set

Prototstar Blog

I recovered from the illness just in time to get back on track. New on Big Textures set! I made a couple textures. Two glasses, one wire fence, ceiling, floor, and a wall. Only a few texture are being shown. Release date is currently unknown. Most textures contain specularmap and normalmap. Inspired by Doom 3 textures.



New Moddb?

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Okay, so the new Moddb finally came out. Now I'm confused with the new layout and order. If I were given a choice between the older Moddb and this Moddb, I would probably say I would go with the older one. I mean seriously, I can't find the Mod watch that easily. I can't find a games or mods that easily any more. In older moddb, you'r given a bunch of search options for easier search. What mods it's for, genres, whether it's release, beta, or in development, and the name of the mod. Simple, but this version, I have to scroll down the page and look from pages to pages to find it. 

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