Hello there internet friend! My name is Chris Stone, but I am also known as Dubstep/Electro producer/DJ, Protosapien. I am finishing up my final year at Full Sail University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Music/Audio Production. Outside of college, I am proactive with many projects. I collaborate with a lot of local electronic music producers from my area, as well as teach people the ins and outs of production, composition, or audio software use. I have an official credit on the game Enola (The Domaginarium) as a music producer. I also release music via Soundcloud, and have had some of my tracks featured on music blogs. I would love to work on audio/sound/music for your game! Please feel free to check out my Soundcloud page for some examples of my work. Thanks for reading!


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Meeples, Madness and Modding jammed onto a space station