Project Autumn is a third person Halo fan game being created in Unreal Engine 4, aiming to ultimately contain a classic multiplayer experience, a 60+ person battle royale mode, spartan ops, firefight, theater and a forge mode.

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Woo! Here we are. Our first official blog post.
Though we're new here on IndieDB, we plan to stick around for a while so pay attention and keep those ears open! We'll be dishing out lots of good stuff in the coming months as we ramp up production of the game. So, let's begin. What is Project Autumn?

Project Autumn is a Halo fan game in development that will contain all your favorite modes such as Firefight, Forge, Theatre, Spartan Ops, Campaign, and of course, Multiplayer. But what we here at the Project Autumn development team are most excited about is the mode that's never been tried in a Halo game before that we have the wonderful privilege of implementing: Battle Royale.

That's right. We're taking the scale, intensity and tension that comes from always having to watch your back as you attempt to survive against multiple teams, and putting it inside your favorite series.

This has never been done before, so we are taking our time to ensure that we do it right, and do it right the first time.

As it stands, we are currently looking to fill positions for programmers, animators and artists, among others as well.
Our job application is at the bottom of the blog entry, and I will be posting it in other places as well across the site as we look to expand the team.

We're super excited about being able to do something this unique with a game like Halo. We hope you'll join us on this journey.. This great, great journey.


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Runnin' Riot Studio

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Runnin' Riot Studio is a small team of passionate developers working on releasing their first fan game before branching off into their own original IPs.

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