Well, I've been gaming for around 5 years now, modding for nearly 3. In modding I specialize in scripting and story-building, but can do (to some extent) basically anything. I like postnuked and other almost believable but dark and gritty themes/games/mods best, with most RPGs next (except action/RPGs (eg Oblivion) and JRPGs). In my free time (from other games/mods) I tend to play mindless shooters. I'm a member of both my own modding group Black Sun Studios and the group Clone Gaming Studios. In the past I've worked on a few mods, mostly for Morrowind (a few JKA and Oblivion), and am on the Ashes of Apocalypse dev team.


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Meeples, Madness and Modding jammed onto a space station