Hi, I'm Pieter and I'm the team-leader from the Portal Stories mod. I played around with other engines but figured out that source was the most powerful engine that did exactly what I wanted. after the release of Portal I almost immediately made maps for it, but I wanted something more, something with a new story and challenges. So I came up with Portal Stories. I made a team and start building. I hope you look forward to the release of Portal Stories as much as I do and just maybe we will see each other @ the beta! -Pieter

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So I just wanted to put something in my own blog section so here it is:
I started Portal Stories about 4 months ago, I don't really remember. It was meant to be just a map pack of ideas I had for puzzles but thats when I came up with a story, so I tried adding diffrent stuff like and intro, cool scene maybe even a character... This idea slowly evolved to this Portal Stories mod my team and I are working on. You see I started this alone and figured out this would take a very long time if I did this on my own. As luck would have it, I met Strike-Back. He's someone from my college and has a lot of experience with mapping so I've asked him to join the "team" (only me :P) and he agreed. As I where making the story that looked like crap because GLaDOS, to make the story fit I had to figure out how GLaDOS was before the original portal, That's when two important things happend for this mod, It started with someone on a forum while brainstorming about the mod saying this: "Don't remake GLaDOS! make something like MARIS a Modular Assesment Recording Interface System". So that's how MARIS was born. The second thing that happend was the release of Portal: Prelude, it gave me huge pile of inspiration and something to connect the story line to.

So know the story line has been officially been made (and I won't change it unless my life depends on it):
The story takes place at the same time as Portal: Prelude aka before the events of the original portal.
Only It takes place in a diffrent facility (why not? Aperture science CAN have more facilities right?) let's just say that the events of Portal and P:P happend in facility 1A, Portal Stories takes place in 1B. This also gave me a lot more flexebily with the story because it means the facility doesn't HAVE to survive to be able to fit whitin the story line from others *hint hint*

Well this concludes my post witch became quite longer than I expected.

Till next post!


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The Idea with the Sections isnt bad.
But i would make it like that ....
I will PM you ^^

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