STOP GENDER IDEOLOGY MADNESS. You are born as a men or a woman and you die as a men or a woman. It's impossible to change sex. Family consists of a men and a woman and their children and is a fundament of any society. Homosexuality is a not a norm, it's a disorder of sexual behavior. Transsexualism is a sex disorder. WHO's "sexual education" is a method of normalization of pedophilia and contains pedophile content. Abortion is a brutal murder of an unborn child, a terrifying crime. Societies that allow it are barbarian. Tolerance doesn't mean acceptance and is not a value. It's the lowest level of positive attitude towards something or someone. So called "hate speech laws" are sanctioned tools to censor people's opinions that are different to those which are considered correct. Censorship is a method common to communism, fascism and Islam. Because of the "hate speech laws", I will most likely get banned for speaking out my opinion.

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